Fast Forward! App Reviews

0 add

Don't download.

Doesn't work

Baddest app ever hate it!!!!!!

Do not waste time

Do not dwnld

Doesn't work


This is a terrible app


Don't download!



This should go away

This app doesn't have any instructions and is very confusing. Please fix or delete this app. Thanks

A girl

So confusing...all the symbols just don't make sense. If you are reading this and are thinking about buying, DO NOT BUY

Too complicated

Way too hard to understand



Please delete or improve

Its so confusing and it doesn't have a tutorial for first time users. I tried it and it wasn't good at all. It should be deleted. Such a waste of time


I think this app is not worth it please delete


This app rocks! I love it!!!!!

WHAT 😫 👎

When I wanted to stop my video it wouldn't stop!!! 😡😡😡


It always turn black on a ad 😤😤😡😡


When you open the app an ad comes up. When you click out of the ad the entire screen goes black and you can't use it. DONT GET IT

Freezes and Glitches

When I open the app, it shows me an add and then when I close it out the screen is blank and won't work!! I could on,y use it once and now I can't use it at all?!?! I hope this is fixed as soon as possible


Don't get the app. Adds pop up, making you unable to use this app..

Don't get

You can only use the app if you purchase another one of their apps


Would be an amazing app IF every time am add shows up the screen didn't go black!

Don't waste your time

Don't waste your gigs on it. It just turns black. It totally stinks with a Capitol S. Just... No don't waste your time and space👎👎👎👎

Did not like it

There is no way to fix anything,the screen is just pitch black. I stumped into problems like this before, but COME ON.


when i open it an add pops up. when i x out of it, it is just black.

Turible waste of time

Terrible it's just pitch black


I hate it it won't open and when I delete and try it again, it is just blank pitch black!!!😤😤😤😤

Could be better

It was good and all but it would be better if it could be less frames and slower


It's not easy to use when you take a 120 video it's only like four seconds long you can't use flip screen and it takes forever just to make a video

Not overly impressed

It does what it says it will, but the end result is just way too fast. I took a 120 frame video (which took eons to film) and watching the video back it was only four seconds! I would have liked the option to pick how fast it goes.


Won't open


All it does is crashes I can't even open the app I toyed erasing it and getting it again ............but............👎.....


It took me an hour and a half to make a 6 second video, and when it was supposed to export, it crashed. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP because you NEVER know when it will crash. I hate this sucky app.


I hated this app. It was a big waste of time.

It won't open

It won't let me open the app.


This app is really hard to use! It's really confusing! I do not like this at all.

great but...

everything is nice, but maybe you could have another option to do it even slower, like i used to do videos in fastforward that would be cool and this is a bit too fast. another thing is if we could pick pictures from our camera roll and do a slower ff of them than what it has right now. thanks!


Cool 👍

Can't open

I can't open the app...

Would be great if..

This sounds like an awesome app! I do makeup and hair videos and I need it fast at some parts but I download the app And when I click on it it crashes and I can't even go on the app PLEASE FIX

Good, But....

Please make it so you can turn the camera around. I make hair tutorials and I need to be able to speed up some parts that people know how to do but still want to see. Especially when doing a braid of some sort. Or repeating steps. Consider this! Also, could you make it so you can change the orientation? Like, to portrait or the other landscape.


Fun cool app


It keeps shutting down on me, when I turn it on! Why?

Very nice

Really good!


Unbelievable !! I love it its amazing

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